Yams Aren’t Sweet Potatoes (or Even a Potato)

If you think that yams and sweet potatoes are the same thing, you’re not alone. It’s a misconception that many Americans share. The reality is that yams and sweet potatoes are two different things.  Yes, both yams and sweet potatoes are edible roots and yes, they can be prepared in much the same way, but... Continue Reading →

Franchises to Consider: Anytime Fitness

The creators of Anytime Fitness understood that it simply isn’t possible for some people to fit their workout into conventional gym hours. Anytime Fitness provides people with a place to work out 24/7.  The very first Anytime Fitness opened its doors in 2002. It quickly became a hit with residents of Cambridge, Minnesota. It was... Continue Reading →

The Murnong Yam

The murnong, or as it’s more commonly called, the yam daisy, isn’t just native to southern and south-eastern Australia, it was once one of the staple food for the continent’s Wurundjeri Aboriginal people. The murnong is one of those plants that manages to be both useful and pretty. Its brilliant yellow flowers bear a striking... Continue Reading →

The Yellow-Rumped Warbler

A tiny speck of yellow amongst the dark green needles of a nearby pine tree catches your eye. Yellow-rumped warbler You adjust your gaze, homing in on the small bird that’s perched on the very edge of the tree limb. It bobs up and down in time with the soft breeze that rustles the tree’s... Continue Reading →

Koala Insulation

It’s likely that insulation isn’t the first word that springs to mind when you think about the type of franchise you’d like to be involved with. Kola Insulation wants to change that. The franchise provides ambitious investors with the opportunity to become involved in a $20 billion industry with an average annual growth of 4.3%. An Overview... Continue Reading →

Franchises to Consider: Wild Birds Unlimited

Founded by Jim Carpenter in 1981, Wild Birds Unlimited provides bird lovers with a unique opportunity to make money while exploring their passion. The purpose of the franchise is to provide people with an opportunity to purchase high-quality bird feeds and bird feeding products that help bird enthusiasts attract birds to the average person’s backyard.... Continue Reading →

Missing: One Genome Sequence

A group of researchers who has been dubbed the “Bat Pack” has dedicated long hours exploring exactly why bats live so long. For the purposes of their experiment, they used one megabat species, the black flying fox bat, and one microbat species, the David’s myotis, and conducted an analysis on the bats’ genes. The results... Continue Reading →

Common Atlantic Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)

The common Atlantic oyster goes by many names, including: American Oyster Atlantic Oyster Eastern Oyster Virginia Oyster Wellfleet Oyster If you’re in North America and order a plate of oysters it’s likely you’re about to dine on the common Atlantic oyster. This is especially true if you’re East of the Mississippi. The mild, sweet flavor... Continue Reading →

Charisma Pumpkin

Charisma Pumpkins were developed in a joint project that united Cornell University with Johnny’s Selected Seed Company. It has quickly become a favorite choice amongst consumers who want a nicely shaped, easy to carve, Halloween pumpkin for their annual Jack-O-Lantern. Charisma Pumpkins have a round blocky shape, uniform light orange skin, and shallow ribs. The stem is about 3.5”... Continue Reading →

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